Rometti Limoncello, Old World Passion, New World Memories.

Now that we have grown up and have become, lawyers, designers, architects, teachers, bankers or any number of other careers,  we all share one aspect of our grown up life, nothing beats the taste of Mom’s cooking.

I grew up up in Italy where every day was considered a special occasion to sit down even if for only 30 minutes to have lunch or dinner with the family. Of course, at the time, I didn’t come to realize how precious that time was. I hadn’t travelled enough, or spent much time abroad to immerse myself in another culture to compare it with anything else I had seen.  It wasn’t until I moved to the United States did I start to experience the stress of long busy days, that time to just sit down and have dinner with all the people you cared about became rushed, and many times impossible. It made me understand why my Mom and Dad felt so strongly about our “special occasion” dinners or lunches.  It was a time to reflect on the day, and no mater how difficult or stressful it was we could laugh and turn the page.

I remember Sunday lunches vividly, our whole family would sit around a wooden craft table (that my Dad and Uncle built), and talk for hours, it would seem that lunch never really ended after we finished eating.  We still sat there, recalling memories of our childhoods, expressing our hopes for the future, and making each other’s own troubles feel so small they became irrelevant.  While talking we sipped home made Limoncello served in frosted shot glasses.  The summer months made this treat especially refreshing.

I was lucky enough to meet, years later, an inspiring man who came to appreciate of all of the traditions of my home country. He immediately fell in love with the colorful, surreal Italian landscape. It was during one of our trips to Tuscany, amazed by the rolling hills that inspired some of the most famous artists and artisans of our time, that we started thinking of a way to bring back a piece of Italy to the US, and relive all the great memories we shared.

In the memory of those rolling hills, and the joyful time we’ve shared around a table with our friends and family, and the irreplaceable good taste of my Mom’s cooking, we created Rometti a combination of our two last names that is based on hand crafted traditions that have been enjoyed in Italy for hundreds of years.

As my soon to be husband  says: “As an American I had never experienced any liqueur quite like Limoncello, and after my many trips to Italy I soon discovered the true joy, and celebration that comes with enjoying this refreshing complement to an afternoon or evening. Year’s later I find myself engaged to a wonderful Italian women who brought this old receipt to life here in the US for all to enjoy. Our goal is to create a memory for you and your family just as we have and will continue to do for years to come.”.

There may not ever be anything as good as your Mom’s cooking, but we sure hope that you will find our hand crafted products made with the same love and care that you would find in your most cherished moments around the dinner table, now and forever.

Cheers to old world passion, and new world memories.



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