Happy Hour Tuesday: Blueberry Limoncello Cooler

Here it is, the first week of June, and we all know that in less than 20 days the summer solstice will mark the beginning if a great season!

This Tuesday we would like to pair Rometti Limoncello with a delicious fruit that grows during the Summer months, blueberries. The recipe, this time, was suggested by one of my favorite chefs of Food Network, Giada de Laurentis.

What we like about this fun drink is that it combines three distinct flavors that once brought together blend exquisitely while tingling your palate. The syrupy sweetness of the limoncello is delicately enhanced by the fresh aroma of blueberries. The addition of mint with its peppery, cool flavor and sparkle of  soda give it a kick of freshness.

Blueberry Limoncello Cooler is not only pleasant to your palate, but the contrast of its bright color with dark purple accents will also visually inspire your senses.


750 ml Rometti Limoncello, chilled

1 cup sparkling water, chilled

1 cup fresh blueberries

5 fresh mint sprigs, lightly crushed, plus extra for garnish

Crushed ice

Combine Rometti Limoncello, sparkling water, blueberries and mint in a pitcher. Fill the highball glasses halfway with crushed ice. Pour the limoncello mixture over the ice (about 1/2 cup for each glass). Use some mint to garnish and serve.


Image: courtesy of Food Network.


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