Happy Hour Tuesday: Limoncello Bellini

Rometti Limoncello Bellini

At only two days from the official beginning of Summer, this week under the spotlight we have another popular drink that perfectly suits the season, Limoncello Bellini.

Originated in Venice as a mixture of Prosecco (Italian sparkling wine) and white peach puree’, Bellini in Italy is often served at celebrations. Cocktails like the Bellini and Mojito, are linked to Ernest Hemingway, as the Harry’s Bar in Venice, place of origin of Bellini, was one of his favorite spots. Its founder, Giuseppe Cipriani, named the drink after Giovanni Bellini, a Venetian painter who gave the toga of the saints he painted a gracious pink color, similar to the color of the drink (the pink tone was actually given by the original addition of a splash or raspberry or cherry juice). New York was the first American city that adopted Bellini as its popularity grew.

The availability of white peaches and Prosecco, determines the variations of the drink. Yellow peaches and nectarines can also be used, as well as flavored French champagne instead of Prosecco, as long as it is served in a champagne flute glass that gives it that sophisticated elegance, typical of Venice.

Limoncello Bellini uses the original ingredients to which adds a splash of Rometti Limoncello that enhances the sweetness of the peach flavor and balances it out with a little bit of sourness.


2 oz White Peach Puree

2 oz Prosecco

a splash of Rometti Limoncello

Into a champagne flute glass pour the peach puree and the Prosecco. Add a splash of Rometti Limoncello. If you like, you can garnish it with a couple of raspberries or cranberries.


image taken from http://cucina.corriere.it/ricette/cocktail-e-aperitivi/36/bellini


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