Happy Hour Tuesday: Limoncello Spritzer

Rometti LImoncello -Limoncello Spritzer

Happy Hour Tuesday, friends!

This Tuesday the protagonist of Rometti’s weekly blog is Limoncello Spritzer. You might know the Campari version of this drink, Campari Spritz, especially if you have been in Italy (or, I have to say, also in some good Italian restaurants in the United States – first one that comes to mind is Hugo, in Culver City, California. They really have great dishes and yes, they do serve Campari Spritz!). Spritzer is found also in Germany, where it originated, Hungary, Romania and France, and it’s typically made of white wine, seltzer and club soda.
Limoncello Spritzer is a variation of the original drink. It’s a sweet, refreshing and bubbling drink, as a matter of fact Spritzer means “spray, sprinkle”! Spritzer is perfect refreshing and social drink to share amoungest friends, while enjoying some starters.  I also  recommend sipping on it at the end of the meal, possibly paired with a light, creamy / fruity dessert. If you like the peppery taste of mint, you might even want to try adding a few mint leaves to make this delicious drink even more refreshing.


Rometti Limoncello

Dry white wine



Lemon Wedge

Fill a highball glass with some crushed ice. Pour the white wine into the glass to fill half about of it. Add about 1 oz of Rometti Limoncello, don’t forget to have it chilled! Top off with club soda, squeeze a lemon wedge and stir to combine. Add mint leaves if you desire, or garnish with a twist of lemon peel.


Image taken from: http://www.marthastewart.com/348805/limoncello-spritzer


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