Happy Hour Tuesday: Dry Lemon

Rometti Limoncello Dry Lemon

Happy Hour Tuesday is back, after a couple of weeks in Italy!
While there, we experienced the joy of dining with friends and family, and what other digestif would have been the perfect way of ending our Italian Summer nights but limoncello?

This week we would like to enlighten you with a cocktail recipe that we savored just recently, Dry Lemon.
Other than Campari and Rometti Limoncello, which you should all now be familiar with, we introduce Angostura, which is a concentrated bitter made of water, alcohol, gentian root and vegetable extracts. Although a German Surgeon General came up with the recipe, Angostura takes its name after a town in Venezuela where the ingredients were easily available. Believed to have restorative properties, Angostura seems to be great to cure hiccups and upset stomach!
In addition to Angostura, Dry Lemon uses also the British Tanqueray Gin (from Charles Tanqueray, its first distiller), a London dry gin made of double distilled grain.

Dry Lemon is a dry, refreshing cocktail which will both quench your thirst and satisfy your tasting buds!


1/4 Rometti Limoncello

1/4 Campari bitter

a few drops of Angostura

2/4 Tanqueray Gin

1 Lemon wedge

Add Rometti Limoncello, Campari, a few drops of Angostura and Tanqueray gin into a cocktail shaker filled with some ice cubes. Shake well and pour into a glass. Garnish with a lemon wedge.

Recipe courtesy of DBRicette.


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