Happy Hour Tuesday: Limoncello Tea

Rometti Limoncello - Limoncello TeaHappy Hour Tuesday!

Since we have been talking in our Cook N Bake blog about how therapeutic herbs and spices are, we were thinking: how about a limoncello tea? Especially now that we officially ended the Summer season and entered the magical, colorful Fall season, when spices are indeed what define this time of the year. So here it is, this week our recipe is called Limoncello Tea.

Limoncello Tea can be either a hot or a cold drink. In both cases all you have to do is to mix a cup of tea with one ounce of Rometti Limoncello. Easy enough, isn’t it? But if you like it chilly, you can also enjoy some variations of the recipe, such as adding two ounces of cranberry juice, orange juice or crushed berries. Delicious!

If, instead, the weather is a little too cold for ice tea, then simply pick you favorite tisane flavor (apple, pomegranate, passion fruit…) and add one ounce of Rometti Limoncello. Some honey or simple syrup may be perfect to increase the sweetness of you tea.


1 oz Rometti Limoncello
1 cup of tea or enough to fill a glass
1 slice of lemon

To a glass filled half with ice, add your favorite tea and mix it with one ounce of Rometti Limoncello. Add a slice of lemon to garnish.
Serve either hot or cold.



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