Happy Hour Tuesday: Pink Cello Champagne

Rometti Limoncello - Happy Hour Tuesay - Pink Cello Champagne

Happy Hour Tuesday!

Outside the streets are dressed up with soft, round lights; houses are decorated with sparkling Christmas trees and joyful, cheering music is playing on the radio, in the stores, and sometimes if you’re lucky also at work. Whether you have been living surrounded by mistletoes and Christmas lights for over a month now or for just a few days, you can’t deny that this is it: this is THE week before the 25th of December, and the magical Christmas atmosphere is stronger than ever!

For the occasion Rometti has found a delicate, sophisticated yet fun drink, Pink Cello Champagne.
If you have never tried pink champagne before, you are probably wondering what makes it pink and how it differs from regular champagne. Traditionally the saignee’ method is used in order to get the rose’ (pink) tint to the champagne: the skins of black grapes (normally used for red wine) are left to soak with the clear juice for a short amount of time. Not letting the juice sit on top of the skins for too long is what avoids the champagne to turn into red, but a light pink. As an alternative some champagne producers speed up the process by blending the champagne with a little bit of still Pinot noir red wine (about 15%). It’s thanks to the addition of red wine that pink champagne has a distinguishable, earthy aroma. The addition of Rometti Limoncello adds a citrusy, sweet and sour taste to the pink champagne which marries so well its red fruity full flavor.

Pink Cello Champagne is a pretty, sparkling, festal drink which can be savored in between conversations or can accompany fish (salmon in particular), chocolate, strawberries, pizza and any kind of vegetable, better if spicy!
Ingredients (serves about 10):

1 bottle of pink Champagne
200 ml Rometti Limoncello
2 tbsp Pink sugar

Place the sugar in a small plate. Wet the edges of the champagne flutes with some lemon and dip them in the pink sugar. Fill the champagne flutes with 1/4 Rometti Limoncello and fill the rest with pink champagne.


Image and recipe from http://www.asplashofvanilla.com


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