Happy Hour Tuesday: The Mediterranee

Rometti Limoncello Happy Hour Tuesday The Mediterranee

Happy Hour Tuesday!

Whether you have a job that takes up most of your time during the day sitting in an office, you can’t deny that feeling of wanting to get out and throw yourself on the beach for a little vacation! With Spring Break over and Memorial Day just round the corner, all I can think of is how sweet and marvelous it would be to go on a road trip around the Mediterranean! So this week our drink is dedicated to all those Europeans that are lucky enough to smell new, refreshing air,  a melange of ocean breeze, country fields and flower blossoms. The Mediterranee is a simple cocktail that uses very humble yet popular ingredients:  Meyer lemon and the Pineau des Charantes. The first one is a hybrid lemon originated by a cross breeding of the common yellow lemonade and a mandarin, thus with less acidity and a stronger, floral aroma. The second one, Pineau des Charantes, is a mix of Cognac with unfermented grape juice, typical of the Cognac region of France where Pineau des Charantes is consumed as a sewer aperitif. The sweetness and softness of these two ingredients is accentuated by Rometti Limoncello and contrasted by the pungent, earthy sage flavor.

1 oz Pineau des Charantes
1/2 oz Rometti Limoncello
1 oz fresh Meyer lemon juice
2 dashes orange bitter (like Campari)
1 sage leaf
Zest of Meyer lemon

Add all the ingredients – except the safe leaf – to a shaker with ice and shake vigorously. Rub the sage leaf around the rim of a Martini glass. Strain the cocktail into the Martini glass and garnish with the sage leaf.


Recipe from http://www.thenibble.com


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