God Bless America ~ Happy Memorial Day

Rometti Limoncello Memorial Day 2013

Today we remember all the fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, husbands, and wives, that believe so much in freedom that they dedicate their lives to protect others’. We also remember their families, who are faced with the constant heartache.  Questions of their health, sleep,  frame of mind, or whether the weight of the duty they bear is beyond anything we can comprehend.

We especially hope our active soldiers can see the stars at night, and be proud of a country and of a people, and not have a clouded vision of a world in turmoil but a world that still has hope for peace and freedom.  Today we remember how lucky we are to have such freedom, a gift that needs to be protected and embraced for all times.

Today we must remember to look at our warrior families and friends living or not, with different eyes, ones of courage, gratitude and love.  For those that are still with us let us support the backbone of a nation that so greatly supported us.  Lets embrace them in our lives in our work, and build a stronger nation.

God continue to bless all those fallen, and all those standing to influence our lives for the good of all.

Happy Memorial Day, and God bless America!

The Rometti Team


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