Happy Hour Tuesday: Blue Lemonberry Kamikaze

Rometti Limoncello Happy Hour Tuesday Blue Lemonberry Kamikaze

Happy Hour Tuesday!

You must have noticed that the closer we get to Halloween the more we all seem to be accepting “The Unnatural”. Yes, when we get around this time of the year we have no problem at all to embrace weird-looking, spooky decorations, neon-bright colors and kitsch, unusual fashion.
Just to set the mood in preparation for next week’s Halloween cocktail, our selection for this Tuesday; Blue Lemonberry Kamikaze recipe. This bright blue cocktail will surely get the parties attention.

The ingredient that gives that beautiful blue color is Blue Curacao liqueur, which is indeed colorless, however most producers add a food colorant called E133 Brilliant Blue so that consumers would associate it to tropical and exotic cocktail. If you haven’t had Curacao liqueur before, the blue color might trick you into thinking that it tastes like blueberries (especially with the name of this particular drink!). Well, the color has nothing to do with the flavor, as Blue Curacao tastes bittersweet and citrusy. Similarly to limoncello, Curacao is in fact made by soaking the dried peel of laraha – a citrus similar to orange- in alcohol and water. This week’s drink does have a berry flavor though, and the reason lies simply in its raspberry vodka, the main ingredient.

1 1/4 oz raspberry vodka
3/4 oz Blue Curacao liqueur
A splash Rometti Limoncello

In a cocktail shaker with ice pour and shake all ingredients. Strain into either a shot glass, or a low ball glass with ice cubes.



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