Happy Hour Tuesday: Sorrentini

Rometti Limoncello Happy Hour Tuesday Sorrentini

Happy Hour Tuesday!

Vacation, vacation.. it’s the end of July, and it seems like a lot of people have left town lately to spend time with the family before the end of school break. Regardless of the recession, I know of many lucky ones that have a trip to overseas planned just ’round the corner. If you, dear Reader, are fortunate enough to be able to get away towards a European country, you will probably want to make a stop in the beautiful Sorrento, Italy, the land of limoncello, and if it wasn’t in your plans it should be!

Sorrento is a charming town that raises on top of limestone tuff cliffs, in a way that seems to flow, thus the name Sorrento, from a Greek word that means “flowing“.
Located just Southern than Napoli, Sorrento is connected to Amalfi through the Strada Statale 163, better known as the Amalfi Drive, a stretch of road runs along the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Sorrento has an incredibly rich history that starts from the Corinthians and continues through the Roman Empire, the Goths and the Byzantines. The signs of history are still very much readable throughout the city, which is characterized by medieval streets, Roman ruins an blooming terraces. If you wanter why there are watch towers along the coast, it’s because back in the 16th century Pirates coming from the Harbor of Pisa used to sack the town of Sorrento, which today is richer than ever with orange, lemon, and olive trees.

This week’s drink is a praise to this wonderful city, from which it takes the name: Sorrentini. This version of limoncello martini uses Cointreau, a French orange-flavored triple sec which adds a little tanginess to the drink.

Here’s to Sorrento the birthplace of Limoncello! Salute!

100 ml Vodka
50 ml Cointreau liqueur
100 ml Rometti Limoncello
25 ml Martini
40 ml fresh lemon juice (1 lemon)
25 ml sugar-water

Juice the lemon. Set the lemon juice aside. Fill 3 martini glasses with ice. In a cocktail shaker mix vodka, Cointreau, Rometti Limoncello, martini, fresh lemon juice and sugar-water with ice.


Recipe and image from http://www.marthafied.com


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