Reflections of Italy: Part 1

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Rometti Featured on Daily Food & Wine

Just incase you missed it, Rometti Limoncello was reviewed and featured on Daily Food & Wine’s website by connoisseur Doug Singer.

Check out this article and more from Daily Food & Wine here.

Rometti Limoncello, and it’s Italian History

Happy Hour Tuesday: Limoncello Margarita

Happy Tuesday everyone!

We hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend! For those of you who follow us regularly, you know that the party is not over yet, as we have a tasty, fun, refreshing drink on the spotlight this week: Rometti Limoncello Margarita.

Margarita’s are one of the most popular American drinks, dating back to the 1940s. As it typically happens with cocktails, popular anecdotes present not one but a few versions of how the drink came to be. The Margarita has at least four! One of them attributed the name to Margarita Henkel, daughter of a German ambassador, thought to be the first one to taste a new drink made by bartender Don Carlos Orozco in Ensenada, Mexico.   Some believe that the Margarita was created by another bartender Carlos Herrera’ Margarita who worked at the Rancho La Gloria hotel, near Tijuana, Mexico it was there that he dedicated the drink to dancer Marjorie King. There was also popularity around Albert Hernandez’s Margarita, a bartender at La Plaza restaurant in La Jolla, San Diego, whose owner, Morris Locke, brought back a traditional recipe from Mexico frequently meeting up with the above mentioned Carlos Herrera.   An other version claims the birth of margarita to bartender Santos Cruz in Galveston, Texas, who created his version for singer Peggy Lee.   At last, the Margarita seems to be the latino version of an American drink, the Daisy, which was made with tequila during the Prohibition times. The name changed then to “Margarita” which is the Spanish for “daisy”.

Whichever story you decide to believe, one thing is true our Rometti Limoncello Margarita recipe is a fun, refreshing, fruity, delicious variant of the Margarita, we hope we can all agree on that!


2 oz tequila

1 oz Grand Marnier

1 oz Rometti Limoncello

1/2 oz fresh lemon juice

1/2 oz fresh lime juice

1 oz Sugar syrup (you can add less if you want it less sweet)


ice cubes

If you like, prior to pouring, you can wet the rim with some lime juice and add salt.  Combine all the ingredients into a cocktail mixer. Shake well, and pour into a margarita glass.