Happy Hour Tuesday SPECIAL: Paloma

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Happy Tequila Day, folks!

Although some of you might be celebrating National Tequila Day this coming weekend, we still wanted to share with you a delicious recipe that uses this incredibly popular drink: Paloma (Spanish for dove). But before we get into the cocktail, here is a little bit of history on tequila.

Jalisco is the state of birth for tequila, which takes the name from the town where this distilled spirit was created back in the 16th century (although Guatalajara was the first place where the today-known tequila was made). This state, together with some limited areas in other regions is the only place where tequila can be produced from distillation of the blue agave plant. Blue agave is only one of the 136 agave species, however when this particular one is used, tequila gets to be called with its own name! Believe it or not, the Aztec already used this plant to ferment a spirit called octli, a sort of ancestor to tequila. It’s to the Aztec that the “Pasion Azteca” tequila takes its name from. “Pasion Azteca” has a bottle made of platinum and diamonds, which make it the most expensive tequila bottle in the world!
Today agave is present in tequila in 100% or 51% or more (called mixtos) in conjunction with sugars. Blanco (or else called plata) contains 100% agave tequila, thus its taste is bolder. Other types of tequila, Reposado, Anejo, both aged in oak barrels respectively for less than a year and more than a year but less than three, have a more complex taste but also smoother than the tequila made of 100% agave. There is then Joven, which is a mixto, thus lighter.

Tequila is often used alone for shots, or with other ingredients to make mixed drinks. Either way, tequila if moderately consumed has been known to stimulate the nervous system. And, if it’s a good quality tequila, hangovers are pretty much non-existent!

Paloma is a popular drink in Mexico due to its fruity and smooth flavor. Blanco tequila is often used for this drink (although some recipes use a Reposed type of tequila); the other main ingredient is grapefruit soda, which gives it a little bitterness together with freshness. The drink is a perfect blend of different tastes, from sweet to salty, from citrusy to bitter.

2 oz blanco or reposado tequila
6 oz fresh grapefruit soda
1/2 oz Rometti Limoncello
Salt for rimming (optional)
Rim a collins glass with salt. Fill the glass with ice and add the tequila and Rometti Limoncello. Top it off with grapefruit soda.


recipe from cocktails.about.com
image from drizzleanddip.com


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