Cook N Bake Hawaiian Series: Spam Musubi

Rometti Cook N Bake Hawaiian Series Spam Musubi

Hello Everyone,

If you think it’s been too long from your last vacation, maybe a tropical paradise will fit you perfectly… If you miss the sunshine while lounging on the beach with waves crashing a shore…Well, get your kitchen prepped and ready to start cooking some Hawaiian food, because Rometti is bringing a little bit of sun this holiday season with our Cook N Bake , Hawaiian series!

Although fresh vegetables, fish, slow cooked grilled or barbecued meat, pineapples and coconut are typical hawaiian ingredients, this week we focused on a very popular local Hawaiian snack made with canned meat called Spam Musubi! I know I know, those of you with a very refined palate will probably turn up your nose at the thought of this, but stick with us on this one you won’t be disappointed!

Spam Musubi has Japanese influences like o-mosubi, or o-nigiri, a ball of rice stuffed with a salty or sour flavor, wrapped in seaweed (nori). But Hawaiians made it their own by using one of the most Hawaiian common ingredients, Spam. Spam (shortened from spiced ham) is a canned product made of precooked meat. It was invented in 1937 and was introduced in Hawaii during WWII as a quick, portable and life saver snack that didn’t need to be refrigerated. Since then, Hawaiian’s never stopped using it, especially with dishes of Asian influence that it goes so well with!

Although small, Spam Musubi is an explosion of flavors which can be enhanced by sprinkling some furikake on top. Furikake is a mixture of sesame seeds, dried seaweed, sugar, salt, powered miso, dried salmon, and many more additional ingredients.  Moreover, in some places Spam Musubi is breaded and fried, or served with teriyaki sauce. You can really make it anyway you like, but what we are illustrating today is the original recipe.

Whether you miss Hawaii or you are simply curious about what they typically eat in the middle of the morning put these ingredients on your next grocery list and go on an adventure with an Hawaiian cooking experience!


1 can Spam 
3 cups uncooked sushi rice
Soy Sauce
Nori Sheets
1 Musubi maker

Tip: have all the ingredients ready to assemble so the Spam will still be hot at the serving temperature.

Cook 3 cups of sushi rice (better if you have a rice cooker).
Mix some soy sauce and sugar in a bowl. Start with equal amounts and adjust based on what your preference is.
Put a saute’ pan on a burner until it gets really hot. Open the can of Spam and slice it into eight pieces (or ten if you want thinner slices). Place them on the pan to grill for about 1 to 2 minutes. At this point pour the soy sauce mix over the Spam which will get a caramelized/salty flavor. When you think the slices are as crispy as you desire, transfer them into a place.
Cut the Nori strips in half and lay the musubi mold on top of it, in the middle. Put a generous amount of rice into the mold. Use the handle to press it down as much as you can, you want to get it as compact as possible since it is supposed to be a portable snack. Sheke some furikake over the rice. Lay a slice of Spam on top and shake another layer of furikake. Add a second layer of rice and give it a final press.
Remove the musubi maker and quickly wrap the nor around the rice.
Eat right away or cover with a plastic wrap for later.


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