Happy Hour Tuesday Valentine’s Day Special: Blushing Sparkler

Rometti Limoncello Happy Hour Tuesday Blushing Sparkler

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today is the sweetest day of the year, the day when if you have a husband/wife or a boyfriend/girlfriend, or simply a friend that cares about you, you might get a box of chocolate that symbolizes the three words that everyone longs to hear: I love you. It’s time to celebrate!
Rometti Limoncello has found for you a special recipe for such a special day, Blushing Sparkler.

Sweet and sour, definitively fruity and bubbly, Blushing Sparkler is perfectly in theme with Valentine’s Day, and – open your ears my friends!- if you choose a zero calorie flavored sparkling water, you might feel less guilty for all that chocolate that you will have eaten before the end of the day! Not to mention that a flavor such as Pink Grapefruit or Raspberries is simply perfect for such a romantic day!

1 oz whipped vodka
4 oz Cascade Ice Pink Grapefruit
1/4 oz Rometti Limoncello
Lemon wedge to garnish

In a cocktail shaker filled with ice pour vodka, sparkling water, and Rometti Limoncello. Shake well and pour in a chilled glass. Garnish with lemon wedges.


Recipe courtesy of Cascade Ice Sparkling Water


Happy Hour Tuesday: Sweet Seduction

Rometti Limoncello Happy Hour Tuesday Sweet Seduction

Happy Hour Tuesday!

Alright folks, it’s that week of the year again, the one that couples in love have been waiting for yet the one week out of the year that singles simply could live without! It’s Valentine’s Day week, and we magically came across a delicious recipe with a name that could not be more appropriate: Sweet Seduction. Featuring a harmonically flavored blend of banana liqueur, pineapple juice and Malibu rum, the original recipe does not list limoncello among the ingredients. However, just like enduring love is always better when there is a balance between sweet and spicy, we feel like a splash of Rometti Limoncello could contribute to the refreshing taste of such an exotic drink.

If you are going out on a date this coming Friday, Sweet Seduction is the drink that will take you and your partner on a gateway trip at every sip! And if you do not have a partner… well, you surely have a delicious drink that you can serve to your friends for a cozy, fun evening together!

1 oz Malibu Rum
1 oz Banana Liqueur
1/2 cup Pineapple juice
1/4 oz Rometti Limoncello
ice cubes
1 tbsp Grenadine

In a cocktail shaker with ice pour Malibu Rum, banana liqueur, pineapple juice and Rometti Limoncello. Shake for about 30 seconds or until the outside gets frosty. Strain into a glass filled with ice and pour the grenadine on top. Garnish with a slice of pineapple or a cherry.


Happy Hour Tuesday: Latin Lover

Rometti Limoncello Happy Hour Tuesday Latin Lover

Whether you are married, engaged, in a relationship, or even single, this week there is nothing you can do to avoid this crazy little thing called love! It’s Valentine’s day week people, and we at Rometti are ready to celebrate. If you’re already taken this week’s cocktail could be like a cherry on top, a sparkly detail pre-dinner to share with your significant other, and if you’re still looking for that one person that will awaken the butterfly in your stomach don’t miss on such a delicacy to the palate, just call up on your friends, take chances and cheer to life.

The drink we selected this week is called Latin Lover. The original recipe does not include limoncello, however we thought it would work extremely well with the lemon and pineapple juice, in a combination of sweetness and citrusy which balances the pungent, earthy agave aroma of good tequila. Another ingredient of this drink is Cachaca, a Brazilian liquor obtained from fermenting sugarcane juice. Cachaca contributes to the sweetness of the cocktail, with its rum-similar taste, yet when combined with limoncello it enhances the strong, warm, zesty flavor. Cacacha differs from rum though because it is not made from molasses but from distilled sugarcane, which is why back in the day it was considered the poor people’s rum.

Latin Lover is very simple to prepare, and if presented nicely, garnished with a cocktail cherry, will bring a smile on your lover’s face.

3/4 oz Tequila
3/4 oz Cachaca
3/4 oz Rometti Limoncello
1/4 oz Lemon Juice
3/4 oz Lime Juice
2 oz Pineapple Juice

Fill half of a cocktail shaker with crushed ice. Pour in tequila, cachaca, Rometti Limoncello, lemon juice, lime juice and pineapple juice. Shake vigorously. Serve into a highball glass or martini glass, and garnish with either a pineapple slice or a cocktail cherry.

Image from http://www.sheknows.com/

Happy Hour Tuesday: Tryst in Trieste

Rometti Limoncello - Happy Hour Tuesday - Tryst in Trieste

Happy Hour Tuesday!

after almost a month of recouping from the madness of shopping malls throughout Christmas time, this past weekend I was finally able to go to a shopping mall without succumbing to the stress of the gift rush and..surprise! Left behind the whole Christmas extravaganza, vendors have already started to adorn their shops with sparkling, fuchsia and red, heart-shaped decorations. Yes, Valentine’s Day is only less than a month away but you can already start feeling the love and romance in the air! We too can’t help but falling in love with emotions, and the celebration of love inspired us to present you with a fun drink dedicated to all the friends and lovers out there. To remind us that we don’t need to wait for Valentine’s Day to enjoy a romantic dinner with the person we love the most.
This week’s cocktail is called Tryst in Trieste. For those who have never heard the word tryst, it is a rendevouz between lovers; and for those who have never heard of Trieste, it is a city in the North East of Italy. It’s a quite catchy cacophony, however Trieste, which is not so far from Venice but it’s conveniently located next to Germany, Slovenia, and with one of the biggest ports on the Adriatic Sea, is indeed a place that offers romantic locations and beautiful sunsets.
Tryst in Trieste is made with orange liqueur, like Grand Marnier, and Scotch to which limoncello and soda water are added. The smokiness of the Scotch softnesses the citrusy of the Grand Marnier and limoncello, while the soda water dilutes their zesty flavor in favor of a more sophisticated, yet bubbly sweetness. A touch of red color is added by muddling a cherry and a lemon wedge in the glass before pouring in the mix. We want to believe that the color and consistency of this delicious drink were inspired by the sunsets in the romantic city of Trieste.
Valentine’s Day or not, there is always some good reason to prepare a delicious dinner for two, and there is no better way to indulge in sipping some Tryst in Trieste while watching the sun go down behind the hills – or building silhouettes.

2 oz orange liqueur
2 oz Scotch
1-1/2 oz Rometti Limoncello
Splash of soda water
1 cherry
1 lemon wedge

Muddle one cherry and a lemon wedge into a mixing glass. Add ice, Rometti Limoncello, orange liqueur and Scotch. Shake well.
Pour into a rock glass with a splash of soda.